The Sanctuary has a presbyterian governing structure, which means that the leadership is comprised of the Board of Elders, called the presbytery (not to be confused with the Presbyterian denomination). These elders oversee the functioning of the congregation, being divided into Department Elders (who oversee a specific department in the church), and General Elders (who provide general oversight and assistance). As a smaller congregation, not all of the eldership positions have been filled.

Overseer Romell Parks-Weekly

Spiritual Leader

Overseer Romell is the founder and spiritual leader of The Sanctuary. He holds an M.Div. (Master of Divinity) degree, and functions in the ministries of apostle and teacher. An accomplished writer, he has published four (4) books on Christian theology. He is the founder of Kingdom Embassies, and co-founder of Parks-Weekly Ministries, two non-profit organizations dedicated to educating and empowering the people of God.

"If I should be able to be vulnerable and transparent anywhere, it should be in my house, and in God's house."

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Elder Damion Parks-Weekly

Elder of Administration

Elder Damion has been with The Sanctuary since 2013, after relocating from Birmingham, AL. He worked in hotel hospitality for over 16 years and is currently an Executive Assistant to a V.P. for a pharmacutical research company. He is an executive board member of Black Pride Saint Louis, and a senior member of Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. He is also co-founder of Parks-Weekly Ministries, along side his husband, Elder Romell.

"It is important that my spiritual space embraces me in the skin that I'm in. The Sanctuary provides that and so much more!"

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Elder Mother Donna Trout

Elder of Education

Known as the "Elder of Compassion," Elder Donna is affectionately called "Elder Mother." She has been a member of The Sanctuary since its founding in 2012. After 40+ years of service at Monsanto Company and Bayer CropScience (which acquired Monsanto), she is moving towards retirement. She is the caregiver for her mother, a wife of 30+ years, and a mother of three, including Overseer Romell.

"I am a perfect example that people can and do change. I am not the person I used to be, but better, with the desire to be an improved me each day of my life."

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Elder Marsha Morris

Elder of Finance

Elder Marsha has been a member of The Sanctuary since its founding in 2012. Her education includes a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Fontbonne University. She works as a Trust Administrative Assistant with Bank of America's Wealth Management Division, where she has been employed for 34 years.

"I'm constantly being pushed to go further than I'd like to go, but know that I should."

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Elder Cynthia Bush

Elder of Inreach

Affectionately called the "Elder of Love," Elder Cindy has been a part of The Sanctuary since its founding. Raised Baptist, she was taught that God was vengeful and would "get her" if she did something wrong. After shying away from organized religion until she was almost 30 years old, she has come to find a more meaningful relationship with God than she'd ever had before.

"Life can be difficult, but when you know that there is a church family that loves you no matter what, every day seems easier."

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Elder Dr. Robert Crawford

Elder of Outreach

Elder Dr. Robert is a native of Atlanta, GA who moved to St. Louis and joined The Sanctuary in 2022. He began his walk in ministry in 2002, a walk that he takes to heart by meeting no strangers and showing the love to Christ to any and everyone. He stands firm in the "whosoever" mentioned in John 3:16.

"I joined the Sanctuary because of the love radiating from the church. No one is looked down upon but welcome to be their true self or selves."

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